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Loft Room Storage

For small homes in London, where space is at a premium, loft extensions often provide the perfect solution, but finding the furniture to accommodate the unusual room shape is not easy.

Going for that cosy loft room vibe?
Wondering where you’re going to fit all of your treasures in this tight space?
Good news, we’re here to help.

A loft room tendency is that they can be unusual shapes, often featuring angled walls, sloped ceilings, alcoves and/or low eaves, this can often. create quite the awkward space to work with.

Typically, you’ll find that loft rooms are not as spacious as other rooms due to the precious inches stolen by the eaves and sloping ceilings they come with, making storage all the more difficult.

Off the shelf, freestanding wardrobes don’t usually come with angled tops . (or if you’re lucky enough to find one you like the measurements just aren’t quite right.)

They’re either too tall to nicely fit in the eaves or are short but waste a lot of space above and in between (the opposite of what you’re looking to do in your tight space.)

But this doesn’t mean that there’s not a solution, you don’t have to settle for minimal storage space or awkwardly fitting furniture.

A well thought out design, created to perfectly suit the unique needs of you and your home will ensure that our Bespoke fitted wardrobes for attics will radiate the aesthetics and practicality you were hoping for.

At Malax Bespoke Joinery, we specialise in visualising, designing and manufacturing impressive loft room/attic furniture, no matter the shape or size of the room we will help you create a space you’ll never want to leave!

The only way to properly utilise and maximise your loft rooms space is fitted, Bespoke loft cupboards/wardrobes in London.

3 Simple Steps


Send us your request
[email protected]


A member of the Malax team will join you for a site survey, where they will measure each and every necessary dimension.


Our designers will ask your style preference, colour ideas, choice of materials, accessories and required internal storage layout.

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